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With the new KnB updates, I would love to hear some of your prompts!

I think things are coming along wonderfully with Aomine’s character development so it’s definitely prime time for those great ideas!!

contrary to popular belief it wasn't Aomine who was possessive.

This is so simple but so strong. I love it. I can definitely see Kuroko being real possessive over his hunka chunk.

The prompt below was submitted by someone who would rather stay anonymous and so I’m making a separate post for it because I could never let a wonderful prompt go to waste!


So I just had this (really adorable) dream and it was not really Aokuro, but hey that’ll always fit. Basically Aomine had an illegitimate child, that no one knew about (not even Kuroko, but well maybe Momoi did, but he had her keep quiet about it).

I picture, that Aomine was really young, when it came to this, cause like DO SOME GUYS EVEN PAY ATTTENTION TO how hot they actually were when the where just in middle school? So I picture Aomine experiencing his first time at an relatively young age.

I also picture it (being with an woman older than him of course) not being exactly overwhelming but okay (which is okay with Ahomine cause he just doesn’t know it better).

[Aomine not even aware that he chrushes on Kuroko really hard, but back to the point.]

He first learns of the child, a boy, after it is already there. Like on his doorstep in tow with his mother.

This was at the time when he already started to drift apart with everyone (especially Kuroko), which was one reason why he didn’t tell anyone, The other reason was, that he had to handle it himself first, understanding what that meant. (It was a hard time.)

So time passed and he didn’t even know if he should say anything at all, after all they didn’t had much contact altogether.

When he skipped practice in high school he also visited his child way too often. One might think he is an arrogant Idiot (only), but he is also a very loving father (but no one but Momoi was allowed to see him like this, since it was “not like him” at all.)

So years after that, when they finished high school and went on to university or work, Aomine and Kuroko started to approach each other again, getting closer again more or less like they used to be. (Let’s say they started kind of dating but also not really and it is reeeaaally awkward, like they were still kids that didn’t know what to do at all)

Also Aomine tried to find the right time to tell Kuroko about his son, but he didn’t manage it, since it was real big news and he was afraid of his reaction. (Especially since it is no small thing at all, so he was actually really afraid.)

He didn’t find the right time after all. But Kuroko found them. Literally.

When Aomine picked up his child from kindergarden (he and the mother take turns when it comes to this, tho Aomine doesn’t have all the time in the world anymore. He still tries hard to spent as much time as he can afford with his son.)

So when Aomine finally notices Kuroko, he tries to act cool, but he’s actually panicking, afraid that Kuroko would stop talking to him after hinding big news like a CHILD for YEARS. (Even tho Kuroko is a secret sucker for children but shoo)

He tries to explain it, but Kuroko cuts him of and the three of them walk to Aomines place, Aomine still being really nervous and not sure what would follow next. And Kuroko not saying a single word or even looking in Aomines direction, making Aomine feeling even worse.

But eventually Kuroko takes it really well and he gives Aomine the time he needs to explain himself and tho he is a little hurt Kuroko understands, while they talk in a very calm manner.

Aomine slowly realizing just how much he actually likes Kuroko

The three of them kind of end up snuggled up together in one blanket and watching Ponyo. (With Aomine being the one who nearly cried because “Ponyo loves Sosuke” (he is in father mode it is not his fault))

In the end everyone slowly learns of this and from that time on Aomine had no more quiet time.

It was a really long dream and I surely forgot lot of stuff but yeah, I realized I’m a sucker for actuall cutie pie Aomine so uuh.

I’m just going to sit in a corner now (Also English is not my first language, so I’m not to sure if everything makes sense)

Pacific Rim AU! Aomine as Raleigh and Kuroko as Mako, Kagami as Pentecost (^ ^) Kuro and Aomine knew each other in their days of Teikou Academy along with the rest of the generation of miracles. They never imagined canceling the apocalypse together.

I…have no knowledge of Pacific Rim what so ever but I’m sure there are many people who will love this!!

AU Prompt; Fantasy; Kuroko is an elven prince of sorts, but one day his village is raided by people, pillaged and people were taken or killed. Kuroko is sold on the market, but because of his magic he could hide his presence. Aomine is the prince of that country, and was going incognito to the market for fun when he sees Kuroko and decides to buy him out of curiosity. That's all I have so far.

Oh my god this is fantastic. Fantasy prompts are amazing and this is wonderful!! I really want this filled. I NEED IT.

Mmmmm...What about an AU where Kuroko was actually a ghost that time when Aomine had met him in Teiko?

That would make me sad. Aomine would always try to see him. Even after he goes to Touou. He’d want to be with him.

AU in which Kagami and Momoi are getting married, Kuroko is Kagami's best man and Aomine is Momoi's 'maid of honor'. They've never spoken face to face but they're already kinda crushing on each other because Kagami always talks to Kuroko about 'Momoi's childhood friend' and Momoi talks to Aomine about 'Kagami's cute bestie' and they sound perfect for each other. So now they have to plan KagaMomo's wedding together and they fall in love for real and get together at the wedding reception. <3

Oh my god. KagaMomo and AoKuro are so incredibly precious. This is an amazing prompt, oh gosh! It would be such a beautiful wedding, too.

Aomine may be a mean spirited dweeb but he’s got taste!~

Crush; An AoKuro Fic

Which is this wonderful prompt; filled.

Kagami knew he had made a mistake. The moment that idiot laid eyes on Kuroko, it was over.

Aomine needed notes that he had missed the day prior, and so he stomped up to the red heads door, banging on it like it wasn’t causing a disturbance. “Oi! Taiga, open the damn door!” It was a questionable relationship, really. Were they friends or was Kagami just putting with the other?

"What the hell do you want? Is banging like that really necessary?" He demanded, door swinging open as he eyed the other with an annoyed scowl. "I need the notes from yesterday. Ya know, I was ‘sick’." The look he was given quite obviously was the ‘sick my ass’ look but he just smirked and brushed it off, pushing the red head to the side to enter the dorm room.

"Hey! I didn’t say you could come in!" "Yeah yeah, just give me those stupid notes!" Grunting, Kagami snatched his bag from the corner of the room but as he looked up with the expectancy to shove the papers into Aomine’s hand, he froze. Kuroko had been resting on his bed when Aomine barged in, a book in hand but those sky blue eyes now locked on the intruders. Kagami’s gaze moved from that to the man who matched his height, and he blinked.

Aomine looked completely lost. That was until the small, blue haired male moved himself, soon coming to stand before the other. “You must be Aomine-kun. Kagami-kun has mentioned you.” A pale hand was extended and Kagami nearly choked from having to prevent himself from laughing at the dark skinned man. He looked genuinely confused, as if he had no idea what he was supposed to do with that hand. “Wow, you’re a real idiot, Daiki. Shake his hand!” He smacked a shoulder and finally Aomine seemed to wake from his daze, turning his head to glare at Kagami before hesitantly reaching out and taking Kuroko’s smaller hand.

Crimson eyes watched as he hesitated with pulling back as well and he wanted to gag. Come on, was he seriously watching idiots fall for each other? Right at their first meeting, none the less.

"Alright, you’re making me sick. Take the damn notes and get out!" He grabbed the other by the back of his shirt, yanking him and shoving him from the small room. Everything registered for the tan male when the door was slammed in his face. Needless to say, he ended up stumbling his way back to his own room, cheeks burning as he seriously debated punching himself in the face for being so stupid.

From that point on, Kagami knew he was in trouble. Every day Aomine would make an appearance, sometimes two or three times depending on their classes. The idiot had the stupidest excuses he had ever heard, too. For instance, on one occasion, he even showed up asking for hair gel. Which, was by far one of the most ridiculous things to come out of the idiots mouth.
"Alright, this is the third time today, Daiki. What the hell do you want?" It was obvious where those eyes were looking, and it wasn’t at him. He could feel Kuroko looking back, too. Grunting, he moved himself to block Aomine’s line of sight, crimson eyes cold as he glared.
"Daiki." "Oh!..yeah..uh..you got any hair gel?" "Hair gel?" "Yeah yeah, I need some!" "Why?" "I just do!" "YOU DON’T EVEN USE ANY!!"

That was the last straw. Kagami grabbed Aomine by the arm and dragged him into the hall, making sure the door shut behind him. “Listen here, dumbass, I’m getting sick and tired of your beating around the bush bullshit. If you like Tetsuya, SAY SOMETHING TO HIM!” The fact he was looked at as if he was stupid got his blood boiling but he remained calm, allowing the other to take his time. The look that angered him so much soon transformed and Aomine was left looking, well, the best way to put it was scared. “How the hell am I supposed to do that? I’ve thought about it every night since the first damn time I saw him. Isn’t he gonna think I’m sick in the head or somethin’?”

Scoffing, Kagami smacked his friends arm, a bit of a smile finally pulling onto his lips. “You really gotta be an idiot. Get your ass in there and say something. I’m going out for a bit.” He refused to hear anything after that and he simply opened the door for Aomine, snatched his keys from next to the door, and disappeared down the hall.
So that was probably the biggest mistake he could have made. Cause now here he was, stuck staring at the two idiots who were oh so in love with each other. They had fallen asleep leaning against Kuroko’s bed, a tan arm holding the smaller boy close to his large body. His face was buried in that mess of blue hair and Kagami felt sick at the sight but he got up from his resting place and snatched a small blanket, placing it over the two before flicking the light off.
"Sleep well, you losers."


Aokuro AU where everything is the same except Daiki looks like Dad from Season 1. *flies off into the sun*


Please no

First time they ever kissed was after running back to their dormroom together at Teiko, through the pouring, chilly autumn rain. And seeing Kuroko soaking wet and shivering makes Aomine super protective, so he strips Tetsu's clothes off as soon as they get inside their room to get that damp chill away from him, and then struggles to get out of his own wet clothes and get them both into a hot shower. And seeing Tetsu that shaky and helpless, Aomine kisses him hard to try to chase away the cold.

Excuse me I am screaming. This is incredible on so many levels. I love super dominate Aomine and you are fantastic with these prompts.